PTA Meeting Minutes – Wednesday, October 21, 2015

General PTA Meeting of Chaparral Elementary 2015-16

Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 6-7 pm, Chaparral Library
2nd General Meeting of School Year 2015-16

Executive Committee:

Co-President: Kim Straus
Co-President: Margaret Archuleta
Co-Vice-President: Branwyn Pinkerton
Treasurer: Victoria Carbajal
Secretary: Megan Nelson
Carnival Chair: Val Rocha-Hutt

Meeting led by: Kim Straus, Co-President
Minutes recorded by: Megan Nelson, Secretary
Treasurer’s Report given by: Victoria Carbajal, Treasurer
Special Committee Report on Carnival led by: Val Rocha Hutt, Carnival Chair
Special Committee Report on Uncle Jerry’s Tees Fundraiser led by: Victoria Carbajal
Childcare provided by: Deanne Velasquez (free of charge)

Meeting attendance (28 total):

Franklin Garcia
Chris Lawrence
Crystal Sena
Val Hutt
Cindy Romero
Carla Glidewell
Janelle Rael
Jolynn Ulibarri
Jennifer Gabrys
Lori McDaniel
Jennifer Gilmore
Kat Brandon
Jackob Lain
Jessica Gomez
Loretta Marquez
Tamara Neville
Trudi Archuleta
Jackie Utsey
Zach Shandler
Lisa Schub
Deanne Velasquez
Geri Glover
Principal Granado
+previously named Executive Committee


Introductions – name, child, teacher

Principal’s Discussion:

Letter from Principal Granado thanking PTA read by Deanne Velasquez (att’d)

Uncle Jerry’s Tees Fundraiser presentation by Victoria Carbajal

  • Envelopes were stuffed at start of mtg to be sent home with parents
  • Products such as t-shirts, blankets and towels were shown


  • Ticket Sales during Carnival needed: Megan and Carla will sell in office, Cindy Romero will be a roamer, possibly 1-2 others needed, Kim will help if not needed at Book Fair
  • need roamer (trustworthy kid) to bring tickets from booths to the office
  • Val is having trouble filling booth slots
  • Key Club has said they will send 10-15 kids, possibly up to 25, they will fill vacant booth slots
  • 1st dibs for Key Club will go to Haunted House
  • Haunted House needs batteries
  • Budget for Carnival is $400 after paying custodians/staff
  • Friday set-up is 8 AM and 1 PM
  • Val requesting teachers check their booths on Friday after their after-school mtg with Mr G
  • Megan will send this request of teachers after receiving an updated booth map possibly with lists of what should be at each booth in order to be prepared
  • Mr G said 5 solid Safety Patrol kids helping, use them for Haunted House (be sure they understand not to get overexcited and scare kids too much) and/or as runners
  • Cindy Romero is in charge of bagging prizes, Val has 3 others lined up to help her, donations from classes needed ASAP for this, Megan will send teacher email requesting that teachers put pressure on parents to get these in soon, these have been collecting in office with Beverly and Cindy has been taking them home daily
  • signs needed for thanking any business who donated to be hung at Carnival, Dollar Store currently has cheap posterboards, Megan’s kids will make one for Maria’s
  • make note of any business who donated & the contact so that thank yous can be sent after, give IRS tax ID letter to the business, perhaps students can make artistic thank yous
  • Salazar is selling Carnival tickets for us
  • need to place ticket sale announcement on the marquee
  • Mr G would like to learn how to do Robo calls, Crystal Sena offered to teach him
  • need prizes for Costume Contest
  • Stuffed Animal booth: animals run out fast, use lollypops that have different colors to decide which size animal a kid has won


  • Concessions still needed: hotdogs, buns, cheese, popcorn, butter, popcorn bags, pickles, baggies for pickles
  • Branwyn obtained a $50 gift card for Albertson’s to be used for concessions
  • Carla suggests going to Sam’s Club Friday before carnival and using the remainder of carnival budget and any extra $ needed to buy food for concessions
  • Margaret volunteered to inventory leftover food after carnival to use at events for the rest of the school year
  • Margaret will inventory concession items presently in shed, there are definitely a lot of napkins & plasticware
  • Mr Lawrence requested not using foam plates as they are so bad for the environment
  • Carla says best to buy Frito bags and serve frito pies in these, it is a lot faster
  • Kitchen Contact is Ben Bernaditto 467-1409
  • Only 1 kitchen staff needed
  • PTA concession volunteers will need to sign liability document
  • Popcorn machine – no one knows where it is, Megan will contact Donna Gurule, who ran popcorn Fridays last year, to see if she has any ideas, possibly in Mr Romero’s rm, popcorn needs to be popped ahead of Carnival as it takes a while to pop
  • pickles are a big seller, baggies for them are 50/$1 at Dollar Tree


Victoria passed out copies of budget (att’d)
Angela Trust Fund $4,091.00
CD $6,119.76
Checking $16,382.98

Other Business

  • Crystal Sena, Librarian at Salazar, has new student here in 5th grade. Introduced herself and offered her help, became a voting member. She is very active in community and good at running concessions.
  • Mr Lawrence discussed his Recycling Competition, can win as much as $10,000 for school, must be site based (no recycling from homes), he had materials on problems with massive trash build-up in environment, he is head of school’s Green Team, going to build a labyrinth on school grounds
  • Kim reminded us to think creatively about ways to support teachers and kids, help to get kids engaged, not all just about fundraising
  • Mr G announced there would be a career day this year. Parents willing to talk about their careers needed. Prentice Chatfield is the contact.
  • Ben Bernaditto needs help with the annual turkey lunch, Megan will send a General PTA email asking for help
  • Mr G needs lunch recess parents monitors until Kathy and Krystal have been background checked, he will train and give safety vests to volunteers, help needed 11-1 daily for next 3 wks, Megan will send email requesting help to General PTA list


A 50/50 raffle was held. $20 was collected in $1 tickets. Mr G was designated drawer. He drew his wife’s ticket and won $10. $10 went to the PTA.

One Week Dress Down

Mr G authorized coupons to any child whose parents attended the mtg.

Submitted by: Megan Nelson, PTA Secretary, 10/26/15